As a child, I grew up in a large,happy and loving family.


When I left the family home I experienced many significant events, not knowing that this move would change my life forever.


I was diagnosed with, and treated for, cancer and suffered the effects of long-term depression. 


My journey to recovery began ten years ago when I decided to enrol on a Diploma course to  study Person-centred Counselling, and since then I have never looked back.


During this period I trained in alternative therapies, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, studying a new healing energy called Anusha and then later gaining a Diploma in Indian Head Massage.


Alongside the healing, I worked in the Youth Service, counselling and supporting teenagers.


All these therapies opened an avenue that inspired me hugely and triggered many emotions, resulting in a need to express myself, which subsequently poured out in my writings.

These emotions found expression in a poetic and reflective style. In a short time I had written over 200 pieces of writing, most of which are in this book.


I began to realise the impact that these powerful words were having upon me, my family and friends.


I noticed that they contained strong and meaningful messages that had the ability to heal.


I felt an overwhelming need to reach out, to help others, and this was the motivation and intention for publishing this book.


I believe this collection of inspirational writings, covering themes such as Nature, Angels, Faith and Empowerment, are both inspiring and uplifting in a variety of ways.


As I was writing I found an inner peace and felt connected with the Universe and the natural world.


I feel so blessed that I have created the opportunity to write this book I wrote from my heart and I hope that these words will touch the hearts of all of you in some way. Each word, thought and feeling has been an experience of mine, and has enabled me to find my way home, finding my way back to my inner self.


I am now happily settled, living back in my home town with my partner and two children.


Finally, Ive found the inner light that shines so brightly within me!