Ladybirdlodge 2011


Inspirational Writing



Poetry is magical


From the dark to the light, my inner light shines.


Reading poems is a wonderful way to open up your mind and your imagination.




Poetry is a way of expressing myself emotionally & this is very healthy, healing  and therapeutic.



A wonderful way for me to express myself and get through the sometimes difficult days is to write my thoughts and feelings down. For me this came through in a poetic and reflective way, rather like keeping a diary.


The whole aim for my writing is that I found it to be very healing, and that it could help myself and others who are going through difficult times.


These emotional and intuitive writings will cover the spectrum of Faith, Angels, Nature amongst others.


Join me to share a poem a week, inspirational, emotional and thought provoking, that will capture your hearts and imagination.


These powerful words will uplift your spirits, bringing you comfort, joy and happiness and light into your life.


You can use the words to meditate and reflect on your life.


These meaningful words can ignite your creative self.




Each week I will be publishing a new poem for you to read. I feel happy and fulfilled when I can help other people in someway.


If you would like to let me know your thoughts and feelings I would love to hear from you by email.


This week's poem is one of my favourites that I think you will enjoy. This poem has been published and is in my book 'An Inner Light That Shines So Bright'. I have been thinking a lot about this poem recently, especially because of this time of year. With the beautiful blue skies and the feeling of Summer.


Thankyou for sharing with me.




A Step of Faith

I took the step I dreaded all along,

It wasn't what I'd thought not scary, not fearful,

but extremely exhilarating full of energy, like the sun,

a big ball of fire charged with happiness and joy bursting at the seams.

A smile I couldn't wipe off my face,

a spring in my step I rarely felt before;

an excitement about life I hadn't had before.

I'd been conditioned over the years to believe,

that this step would be fatal, negative a failure.

It's not true; believe in yourself and your dreams will come true

Liz Everett 4th April O9




Liz Everett is Author of An Inner Light That Shines So Bright. A heart-warming collection of Inspirational Writings that will capture your imagination.





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